Post Divorce

Post-Divorce Mediation

You do not have to take your post-divorce disputes to court.

If you are experiencing difficulties or circumstances unforeseen by your divorce agreement or decree, or if your circumstances have changed since your divorce, you and your ex-spouse can resolve those differences peacefully between yourselves without the time, expense, and stress of returning to court. As children grow older and require changes to parenting schedules, college expenses loom, parents want to move, and incomes go up or down, new issues not contemplated at the time of divorce can arise. Mediation can help you resolve those issues privately and respectfully without resort to the courts.

Mediation is based in respectful, solutions-oriented conversation. The mediator’s role is to facilitate communication while remaining neutral. The mediator helps people to identify the issues they need to resolve, focus on the outcome they want to achieve, and consider a wide variety of solutions until one is found that can work for everyone. Why leave the ultimate decisions about your lives and those of your children in the hands of an overworked judge when you can remain in total control of the outcome and craft a resolution that works for everyone?

Mediation is a helpful process for negotiating post-divorce agreements because:

  • Mediation allows the ex-spouses to hear and understand each other’s needs and interests.
  • Mediation helps the parties to identify creative solutions that will work for everyone.
  • Mediation may help preserve a respectful ongoing relationship between ex-spouses.

Once you have reached an agreement and reduced it to writing, you can take it to your individual attorneys for review. An independent review by attorneys for each party is important to ensure that that you each fully understand your legal rights and responsibilities under the agreement and that in any future proceedings the agreement will be viewed as having been negotiated fairly. You can then submit your agreement to the Probate and Family Court for incorporation into your divorce decree.

If you are encountering post-divorce issues with regard to parenting, alimony, or child support, Susan Sloane can help. Susan has been practicing law for more than 40 years and is an experienced mediator who can help you reach a respectful resolution of the issues.



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